Erdington – suburb of superb creativity ~ By Sheila Pennell

It’s all happening in Erdington in 2018! Hull may be the city of culture, but ‘our Erdington’ is certainly growing in reputation as the suburb of creativity – and Erdington’’s helpful library staff have all the facts, figures and fun happenings at their fingertips.

Assistant Library Manager, Pat Pedder, has the details of courses, classes and events planned for the Spring and Summer ahead. Yes, it will follow on in due course from the snow, fog and hurricane winds!

Enthuses Pat: “Do call in or visit the website and see what’’s in store. And what might suit – whatever your age-group or interest. For instance, have you heard of the Erdington Lunar Society? Well, come along to the Community Room on a Monday morning and find out all

Lunar 4 pic - print Jan 18

 Lunar Society members Jane Holt of Mason Road, Pauline Brown of Wylde Green, Mathew Douglas Pettifer of Jerry’s Lane and James Wells of Orchard Road take a break from their discussions on Hitler and Stalin, held in the community room at Erdington library, for a photo-call. They say they ‘learn a lot and make friends, and have a great lecturer in Mike Jackson’. Dr Elaine Jackson runs a book history group in the same venue on Monday afternoons. 

about it or check out the Erdington Lunar Society’’s new Facebook page. Several discussion groups have joined forces and set up as one for 2018. This follows on from the Birmingham Lunar Society, which first met at the end of the eighteenth century to discuss ‘wide-ranging social and philosophical issues’. And of course we still have important issues to discuss nowadays, don’’t we? Already the group has scientists, engineers, academics and linguists on board – and all with plenty to talk about! And there are Monday afternoon classes too. ‘Joining’ most groups is free but just £2 covers tea and biscuits and supports the library.” 

Meanwhile, but on the same side of town, Mason Road resident and linguist Jane Holt is helping to promote a wide variety of ‘art matters’ in Erdington – from Evenings of Creativity at the Oikos cafe on the High Street to the open mic nights at the New Inns pub in Summer Road.

Lunar library Ann and Pat print - Jan 18

Assistant library manager Pat Pedder is happy to support Lunar member and Erdington author Ann Cullen in promoting her book ‘Ghostly Encounters’.

Confirms Jane: “The creativity evenings have already kicked off  for 2018, the next one being on 16th March at 6pm. – They are lively and fun and even child-friendly. And if anyone is interested in performing there’’s lots of ways to make contact – via the FB page or Twitter @ErdingtonArts. We now have an Erdington Arts Instagram page too. And for events nearby just keep your eyes peeled on the Cafe Arts FB page.”

The force behind the ‘Arts in Erdo’ (as he calls it!) initiative is Jobe Baker-Sullivan, and he was delighted with the interest in the pre-Christmas creativity evenings at Oikos and the Welcome Cafe, helped by appearing in the December issue of the Erdington Magazine. “Lots of fresh-faced new talent and audiences hungry for art and music came along waving their copies of the Mag. Never underestimate the power of the Erdo Press!

“The New Inns first open mic night was on Thursday 8th February, and was a great success. These take place every fortnight so if you can sing, play an instrument or make people laugh, give it a go. Maybe fame outside of Erdo awaits!”

jobe umbrella pic - jan 18

Arty Cube friends created their own fun umbrellas to ‘welcome back’ the activities in the Cube in the Square on the 17 February – and promote CAFE arts at the same time. 

The Cube – where all sorts of arty people meet and create – reopened on Saturday February 17, – still in the Square, but bigger and better premises. The celebratory umbrellas have already been made and creatively decorated. 

Just to prove Erdington is ‘international’ too, the Erdington Women’’s Forum is celebrating International Women’’s Day by putting on an event at Six Ways Baptist Church on March 10 from 2-4pm. It’’s the third year running the day is being marked and the organisers say ‘everyone is welcome’.

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