Switch Radio – 107.5 @ Erdingcraft

Soooo cool to have the AMAZING Switch Radio – 107.5 – at Erdingcraft on 5th May
Switch Radio’s Broadcasting house in Castle Vale, a homely and vibrant environment with wonderful, professional resources.

Popular presenter Tim Senna was on air with his co-presenters, as Terri-Anne Coope escorted me to where she was preparing her show – in advance of the due date. Everyone was buzzing for Castle Vale’s Got Talent, and Terri had just finished interviewing the semi-finalists.


Terri Anne Coope @ SwitchRadio – 107.5


Allowing me to interview her in between recording radio pieces, Terri was ebullient in talking about her life and role on community radio. “I love meeting people in the local area and giving a platform to local talent”. She tells me one of her most enjoyable periods was being broadcasting assistant to a radio drama written and produced by the amazing Wings family, a performance art group from Castle Vale.

Terri knows her stuff, a professional host, working also for Free Radio Birmingham, and as a professional host for live events – including 2 CAFE Arts Forum Evenings of Creativity.

At their stall on 5th May Switch will be offering live field recording so participants can be featured on Switch Radio! Their aim is to raise awareness of their community radio and to spread goo vibes.

“We’re always looking for volunteers and local talent to take part” says Terri.
It’s an absolute coup (or COOPE mwaha) for us to have Terri– who actually lives in Kings Heath, a hub of artistic activity. She’ll be joined at her stall by some other Switch Radio presenters, as of yet unconfirmed.

Switch Radio was founded in 2010 and serves people in North Birmingham with exciting programmes and music. Keep it Switch! https://www.switchradio.co.uk/

– Jobe

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